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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Belly Bump to First Year Package

Are looking for a family photographer to capture your baby bump through the first year of your child’s life? This package is perfect for you! We’ll start by capturing some images of your cute baby bump. This is a special time and experience for you as an expecting mother and/or expecting parents.

When should you schedule your maternity session?

I recommend that you contact me regarding your session around 30 weeks to insure that we can get a date and time that is suitable for you. Maternity pictures are best done between 27-36 weeks pregnant. With first babies, I recommend waiting until 34-36 weeks, but after your first, anywhere between 27-36 weeks should be fine.

Once the little bundle of joy arrives, we’ll stagger sessions throughout the year to capture those exciting milestones. Your child will change quickly over the course of their first year. Regular sessions are a great way to capture all those memories/milestones and eliminate the stress of finding a photographer or studio for each session. Using the same photographer over the course of a year will allow you to build a relationship them, share ideas for future sessions and have a consistent look throughout the year. The photographer will get to know you and learn the looks/styles that you love the most.

Where do sessions take place?
The majority of newborn sessions are done in the baby's home. We try to find a room with a large window or a nice amount of natural lighting. I bring a large bean bag, heated blanket, space heater (if client doesn't have one on hand), backdrop, miscellaneous fabric for backdrops, wraps and some headbands for girls, baskets (as requested), lighting equipment (as needed) and other backdrops/flooring for the perfect set ups.

The remaining sessions can also be done in your home. I have portable backdrop stand, lots of backdrops, props, roll up wood flooring and portable lighting/flashes. When the weather gets warm enough, it is always great to get outside for some natural lighting and outdoor pictures.

You'll also rest assured that all the images captured during the maternity session and first year are saved, backed up and readily available if you lose your images.

Booking sessions is easy. If life throws a curve ball, flexible rescheduling is available. No extra fees.

Sessions included:
Maternity session – between 27-36 weeks of pregnancy
Newborn session - done in the first eight days of life (baby is naked, wrapped or in a diaper)
Three month session - focuses on head/neck control and belly time
Six month session - focuses on sitting with or without support and belly time
Nine month session - focuses belly time or rolling on floor, sitting and standing with support
First birthday session - can include a cake smash or a themed session

Package features:
  • Package features: 
    • Client will receive CD (or roughly 25-40) images after each session. Additional images will be available at a discounted rate in the gallery or parents may purchase prints at a discounted rate. (Repeat clients will receive a full CD of images and those purchasing a flash drive from me will receive all the edited images.)
      • Every gallery can be shared with family and friends. Anyone can order prints from the gallery. It is a great way for family to get prints with no effort on your part. Budget friendly print prices available.
      • Want a flash drive will all the images from each session of the My First Year Plan Package? I have 16 GB flash drives available for $20. This allows you to receive all the images from each session on the flash drive in addition to a CD. We will exchange the same flash drive after each session.
    • I recommend picking out a prop, stuffed animal or some sort of theme that will be used in every session. It always you to see how your child has grow and makes for a wonderful first year collage. Examples include: outfits on a line (child wears the outfit as he/she reaches that age), stuffed animal(s) that goes with their nursery theme, a wood letter of the first initial of their name, a special blanket, a theme (Disney) and etc. Please feel free to ask me for ideas.
    • Parents and siblings are allowed to be in each session for a handful of images. Want to upgrade a session to include more family images? You can upgrade any session for a small fee. The upgrade will focus half the session on family and/or sibling images.
    • Each family that books the My First Year Plan Package can book an extra mini-family or future session with their child for $60 each. However, the My First Year Plan Package child must be in the discount session. The $60 discounted session can be used for a holiday or season session, special event such as a baptism or maternity announcement or future session. The discounted sessions must be used 6 months after the child's first birthday. The $60 fee (plus tax) is due at the time session takes place.
    • Misplace or lose a CD from a session. No worries. A new CD can be purchased for $10 to cover the costs of the CD and mailing it.
    • No set up fees for the My First Year Plan Package.
    • Travel fees may apply. Please ask.
      Belly Bump to First Year Package is $750. (plus tax)

      A $100 payment is due at the maternity session and a $200 payment is due at the newborn session. The remaining balance can be paid at a future session (three or six months). The package should be paid in full at the nine month session. 

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