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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emily ~ age 3

How often do you pick up your own camera or even cell phone to take a couple quick snapshots of your child(ren)? For me, it is almost a daily occurrence. We do take candid shots of various activities when they are in pjs and have messy hair. It is fun to catch them in the moment.

The kids do enjoy taking more professional images. I like to get my kids involved with picture taking by letting them pick out heir outfits (give them a few choices or make suggestions to them), they get some input on the backdrops or flooring and of course, they get to pick out a prop to use.  To keep their interest, I find myself letting them use props or things that I don’t see fit for pictures.  However, they think they are the coolest items in the world (nail polish bottles or toy guns). I’ve learned a lot of patience from the practice sessions and that you just need to let kids be kids when doing photo sessions.

Do I ever get tired or bored of taking pictures of my own kids? No. They help make it fun. You never know what pose they are going to do or what personality will come through that day. Pictures with them are low pressure and allow me to work on new techniques without worrying about a paying client in front of me. My children have been great subjects as I’ve learned more and more about photography.

What do you get when you book a child session with me? 
1) Input. I allow parents to have some input on flooring, backdrops and props. After all, it is your session and you should see things in the photos that are pleasing to you.  2) Patience. I don’t rush through sessions. Sometimes a child needs a bit to adjust to the setting or even a new prop. The more comfortable a child is with the camera and surrounds, the better chance of capturing the perfect smiles or facial expressions. 3) Creativity. Let’s try to incorporate props and ideas into sessions that make them fun and unique. These are the type of images you’ll treasure for some time.

To book a session, email me at We’ll get something set up that works with your schedule and budget.

Here are some fun images captured with my own children.

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